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About Our Information Governance Services

We Are Professional Information Governance Consultants

Professional Information Governance Consultants

We are professional information governance consultants with a combination of both hard and soft skills in information governance and data protection regulations. We boast of extensive knowledge of the Data Protection and Information Security requirements and experience in delivering successful NHS DSP Toolkit assessments for our clients. Our Consultants are highly qualified and experience in all areas of information governance. We have experience working with both NHS and Non-NHS Organisations. Our consultants do not only know what the law says but have adequate skills and knowledge in performing operational practices such as impact assessments, information risk assessment, data breach handling, handling data subject access request and contract monitoring and reviews etc

Our IG Strategies

Effective implementation of data protection regulations and other information governance requirements requires the right type of knowledge and the ability to perform the tasks. We are knowledgeable about the requirements of data protection law and other privacy related legislation and regulations particularly, the EU Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and the requirements of the Common Law Duty of Confidence. However, we are conscious of the fact that knowing laws is not enough that is why we ensure that all our consultants have the relevant operational skills and know how to deliver effective compliance within organisations.

Risk Based Approach

We encourage our clients to implement a risk based approach to compliants, that is, information risks managed within the scope of the organisation's risk management strategy to ensure that compliance with legislation and other requirements is not done as an after-thought within the organisation.

The risk based approach takes full advantage of existing arrangements within an organisation and responsibility structures where these are fit for this purpose and ensures that tasks are associated with appropriate management levels and does not become a burden to already existing staff workloads and therefore, avoids unnecessary impacts on day to day business. Implementing a risk based approach to information governance compliance also ensures that all the necessary activities are discharged in an efficient, effective, accountable and visible manner.

NHS DSP Toolkit - (90%)
Data Protection & GDPR Implementation - (95%)
Cyber Assurance & Data Security - (85%)
Information Assets & Data Flow Maping - (93%)
  • Risk Based Approach to IG
  • GDPR Implementation & Compliance
  • Data Privacy Impact Assessments
  • Data Breach Investigations & Reports
  • Information Assets & Data Flows

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