Our Information Governance consultants have expert knowledge and skills to help your organisation develop policies, procedures and the technology to help reduce the threats, vulnerabilities and consequences of inadequate data protection.

The purpose of our information risk management strategy is to help your organisation protect itself from internal and external threats to its information assets, and provide the organisation with confidence that the technology and information it uses is secure enough to meet needs of the organisation.

Ensuring compliance and strong information governance has become more important nowadays given current cyber security landscape. Our information risk management service delivers a systematic and strategic approach to information risk to prepare your organisation so that the organisation can demonstrate the integrity of its security and compliance practices to regulators.

Our information risk approach is strongly guided by the type of organisation, its operating environment and its objectives. Organisations in the healthcare sector need to demonstrate that they have applied security controls to comply with standards or legislation e.g. the Data Protection Act.

Infinitic will help you to apply security controls based on the type of information you need to protect.