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NHS IG Toolkit Service


Our NHS Information Governance Service helps NHS and non NHS organisations to comply with the requirements of NHS DSP Toolkit. Our approach to the DSP Toolkit ensures that our clients are able to implement the IG Toolkit at the same time effectively managing  corporate risks.

While the IG landscape is complex and ever changing, implementing a risk based approach ensures that the compliance with the toolkit is not a box-ticking exercise but rather an enabler to positive information management culture within the organisation. It guarantees that organisations implement relevant legislation and NHS guidance on IG.

We provide a bespoke information governance compliance or assurance model that fits your organisation’s objectives and already existing processes and systems. Our role is to enable your organisation to implement a culture that embeds good information handling and processing which is compliant with legislation and NHS guidance and more importantly helps the organisation to achieve its corporate objectives.

NHS IG Toolkit Service Overview

Our IG Toolkit projects will be  led by qualified consultants, who have proven experience. Our consultants have several years experience in delivering compliance within NHS and non-NHS organisations focusing on data protection, Information Security and confidentiality requirements.

DSP/IG Toolkit Gap Analysis

We will identify the gaps within your DSP Toolkit compliance to inform your improvement plans and resource allocation. As part of this process we also assess and review current organisational practices and culture for effectiveness

IG Toolkit Improvement Plan Development

We will help you develop and IG improvement plan that fits into your already existing plans to ensure information governance compliance is not realised in isolation or as an additional demand to your operational models but realised along with all the other operational needs of your organisation.

Implementation of NHS IGT Requirements

We will help and support your organisation to fully implement the new NHS DSP standards. Our consultants are experienced IG Managers with the necessary skills to ensure your organisation effectively implement the requirements it its operational processes and systems.

IG Toolkit Evidence Collation

We will ensure that the implementation of the NHS DSP Toolkit standards in your organisation enables the “auto creation” of supporting evidence for your NHS DSP Toolkit submission by ensuring that your corporate policies, procedures and processes are well documented and compliant with the relevant IG standards.

IGT submission

We can submit your DSP Toolkit self-assessment on your behalf and guarantee that your toolkit submission will be at mandatory level.

IG Expertise

Our experienced and skilled consultants are there to provide you with the necessary information governance and data protection expertise you need to navigate the complex IG compliance needs for data sharing projects, policy and procedures and provide advice on all aspects of information governance.

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