Our EasyCompliance (EC) IG Toolkit Package helps organisations to comply with the IG Toolkit’s requirements with a quick turnaround at a fixed price. This package also suits organisations that are new to the IG Toolkit standards and is aimed at ensuring that your organisation is fully compliant and effectively implements systems processes and procedures that are compatible with the IG toolkit standards and processes that automatically generate appropriate evidence for continued IG toolkit compliance.

Our consultants will also help you implement a risk based approach to the IG toolkit compliance and other information security standards.

The EC package is best suited for small organisations e.g. NHS Business Partners, Commercial Third parties and GP Federations with a maximum of 30 staff and will ensure you achieve effective IG Toolkit compliance within 8 to 12 weeks.

Our information governance experts and consultants will do a gap analysis of your current compliance and will develop an improvement plan and recommended remedial actions detailing exactly what needs to be done for your organisation to achieve satisfactory compliance with the IG Toolkit. We will help you implement the necessary processes and procedures at a very low cost and quick turnaround.

What the EC package offers You?

  • Development of an information governance improvement plan.
  • Development of your organisation’s information Governance Framework
  • Development of the necessary IG Toolkit policies and procedures.
  • Development and review of the necessary documentation against each of the IG Toolkit requirements.
  • Support and Assistance in completing an IG Toolkit self-assessment against all the IG toolkit requirements i.e. 16 Requirements for Commercial Third Parties or 29 requirements for NHS Business Partners.
  • Development of Staff Guidance and Training packages.
  • On-going IG support & Data Protection advice service (at an additional cost).

We aim to complete all the work necessary for your organisation to meet all the IG Toolkit requirements as soon as required by the client.