IG Toolkit Service 2018-19

All organisations that provide NHS services are mandated by the Department of Health to comply with the Data Security and Protection Toolkit by 31 March every year. The Data Security and Protection Toolkit is an online self-assessment tool and replaces the Information Governance toolkit from 2018/19 onwards. Our DSP Toolkit compliance work will include the following;

  •  Baseline Assessment or Gap Analysis
  •  Improvement Planning
  •  Contract Reviews and Confidentiality Audits

We Can Relieve the IG Toolkit Compliance Burden

The work needed to comply with the toolkit can be daunting and expensive to small organisations and those completing the DSP toolkit for the first time. Infinitic Consultancy can lessen both the financial and operational burden for complying with the DSP toolkit for our clients.

Contact us if you want to benefit from the high-quality services we provide. We work with NHS Trusts, GP Practices, Dental Practices, Eyecare Services, NHS Any Qualified Providers, Community Services Providers, GP Federations and Care Homes.

What We Can Do For You

The service includes a baseline audit or assessment of the organisation’s current status to identify any gaps and an improvement plan developed satisfy the organisation’s areas of weakness.

Our DSP Toolkit  compliance service will be  led by highly experienced professional consultants. Our consultants have experience in delivering compliance within NHS and non-NHS organisations focusing on data protection, Information Security and confidentiality standards.

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    Policy Review & Update

    We will review your organisation’s information governance policies and procedures to ensure they address all the areas of the IG toolkit.

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    Remote Working

    Review the remote working and mobile computing policies and systems to ensure they meet the required security standards.

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    Staff Training

    We will ensure appropriate information governance training for all your employees and help you set up relevany online training.

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    Confidentiality Audits

    We help to carryout confidentiality audits to independently review the physical security of the building and work areas to ensure that appropriate access controls to the premises, equipment, records and other assets are effectively implemented

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    Contract Reviews

    We will help you ensure that all contracts (staff, contractor and third party) contain clauses that clearly identify information governance responsibilities

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    Business Continuity

    Advise and help to write plans and procedures to support business continuity in the event of power failures, system failures, natural disasters and other disruptions;.

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    GDPR Compliance

    We provide advice on the development of an information asset register that also meets the GDPR and identifies all the organisation’s valuable information assets.

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    Data Transfer Security

    Support the organisation to ensure that all transfers of hardcopy and digital personal and sensitive information have been identified, mapped and risk assessed; technical and organisational measures are implemented to adequately secure all data transfers.