We can design and implement an information governance strategy for all your organisation’s electronic and non-electronic records through the development of corporate policy and staff procedures and guidance.

Our consultants are experienced in designing Information Governance Frameworks, identifying and managing compliance risks, compliance planning, training, retention, audit and reporting requirements.

We will help manage your management strategy for electronic and non-electronic records to ensure records management functionality is embedded in all your corporate information systems.

We have knowledge and experience to ensure that your legal obligations are met for the creation and retention of electronic records.

Our consultants are also able to identify and evaluate risks to information and to develop, implement and monitor risk-based controls to minimise your organisation’s exposure.

More importantly our Information management professionals will help you implement Records/information management strategies that will help your organisation to:

  • Understand organisational information needs and behaviour
  • enable Search & Retrieval to aid information exploitation
  • Supporting collaboration, knowledge capture and information sharing
  • Organising and labelling information
  • Content creation and information lifecycle management

We will also ensure that your organisation implements effective information governance that enable information ownership and accountability – so that business functions/units understand their own and others’ responsibility for managing the information they generate in fulfilling their business functions.